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A sale deed is a legal document that showcases the transfer of title, rights, and ownership of a property from a seller to a buyer.This is a document that the price, terms and conditions upon which the two parties reached an agreement for the sale of property.The sale deed of land is drafted on a non-judicial stamp paper of fixed value prescribed by the state government, as every state has a different value of stamp paper when it comes to drafting sale deeds.

Sale Deed Drafting Form

The first step in drafting a sale deed is to contact your Taxfillingindia Expert to determine what your needs are. You should also provide him with a copy of your property’s documents, such as the sale consideration, the name and address of the seller, and the description of the property. Your Taxfillingindia.com Professionalwill then draft a Sale deed for you. The document will take approximately three days to complete. It must contain the full information regarding the property that is being sold.Once you have a sale agreement with your buyer, you must prepare the Sale deed. It must contain the amount you’d like to sell. The Sale deed must be on non-judicial stamp paper. The buyer must pay all fees related to the property. It must be signed by both parties. If the seller’s agent does not have a written agreement with the buyer, then the sale will be void.

It is important to note that a sale deed must be drafted by a our professional. we will draft the sale deed based on considerations of State Stamp Act, the Transfer of Property Act, and the Indian Contract Act. we also should include a detailed indemnity clause in the Sale deed. The indemnity clause in a sale deed will help you avoid disputes that may arise between the buyer and seller. Besides, a well-drafted Sale deed protects the rights of the parties involved in the transaction and prevents the buyer from claiming that they weren’t properly informed of the terms of the sale.

Before applying for sale deed drafting

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Details Required For Sale Deed Drafting

Building Plan

Pan card copy

Affidavit Copy

Tax receipts

Aadhar Card Copy

Title Document

Power of Attorney

previous agreements

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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