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Online Accountant registration and license is compulsory before starting any food business. It is a 14-digit registration or a license number which is printed on all the food packages. Every manufacturer and trader, who is involved in any kind of food business, and even restaurants, must obtain Online Accountant registration or license.

Online Accountant Form

Online Accountant Registration is for food businesses.Every individual or Food Business Operator (FBO) who is in any way related to manufacturing, transportation, storage or distribution of food products must obtain Online Accountant Registration or License.Online Accountant Basic Registration can be availed online by filing the Online Accountant registration form. There is an online system called Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS), which is launched by Online Accountant.The FSSAI license registration can be applied by the person who manufactures or sells food products either individually or through a retailer, hawker, itinerant vendor, or a temporary stall owner.The eligible business are Hotels,Transporters,Restaurants,Food resellersFood chains,Catering services,Packaged food Manufacturers,Food Suppliers etc.This registration or license ensures the quality checks of the food products manufactured or traded by those businesses and thus increases the credibility of such businesses. This step helps in reducing the chances of adulteration in food products and substandard products.For obtaining Online Accountant or registration, you are required to compile and arrange certain documents. This depends entirely on the type of food license or registration, based on the turnover and area of operation.

Before registering To Online Accountant

Documents Required For Online Accountant

Bank Deposit Slips / Book(Bank statement Details)

Purchase and Sales Details or invoices

All Credit and Debit notes

All Cash Challan Details

Trust Accounts Bank Statements with Cancelled Cheques

Credit card statements and receipts

General accounts Bank Statements with Cancelled Cheques

Cash Expense (out-of-pocket expenses)

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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Expert advice from Highly Experienced CA/CS

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